What people think of BLLB Woodworking

“I’ve been looking for a board for my kitchen island for a while and yours is perfect. It is really worth the investment and will stay attractive for a long time.”

« Je suis un travailleur du bois également et vos planches m’impressionnent. Celles-ci demandent de la précision et de la patience. Elles sont fabriquées avec beaucoup d’amour. »

Vertical wood grain

When a tree grows, the grain rises towards the sky. It follows the framework of the tree. This is the strength of the tree. When you look at the wood and you can see the halos, you know that the grain being worked is vertical. This assures its solidity and passes the years without flinching. However, the fabrication is much longer for the artisan and very difficult for the machinery. In our world, time means money. Also, products which are durable can be less interesting for merchants who want their clients to come back rapidly. Ébénisterie BLLB is different and prefers to count on the quality of its products and the long term satisfaction of its clientele.

Why mineral oil?

Mineral oil is derived from petroleum products just like Vaseline. It is colorless, odorless and non-toxic. It is edible as well as being conform to the FDA regulations concerning contact with food. Contrary to other products sold for this use, mineral oil will not go sour inside the wood and create any odors. It penetrates well, doesn’t color the wood or leave any greasy residue. It is also easily available in a large number of stores. We recommend oiling the blocks and board every 30 days.